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We are a dedicated group of individuals that share a passion of showing and raising high quality rabbits. We provide 2 shows a year. Our State Convention in the spring, and a show in the fall. Both at the Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing, Michigan.

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State Showmanship Finals Event

The MSRBA had the pleasure to host the first annual Michigan Showmanship State Finals. With 24 rabbit exhibitors and 14 Cavy exhibitors. It was hosted Friday November 23, 2018.

Rabbit Showmen

Jadelyn Novaski, May Garza, Claire Chrisinske, Weston Schreur, Jenna Sauser, Mikaylyn Kenny, Jennifer Colvin, Emma Bloss, Skylar Coules, Emma VanDenburg, Dale Mize, Judi Reagan, Maddison Campbell, Caitlin Plank, Abigail Pyle, Alexis Fisher, Aislinn Hyatt, Jannan LaBear, Abby Johnson, Alison Horne, Annika Arney



Cavy Showmen

Caitlin Plank, Maddison Campbell, Madalyn Badgero, Emilee Vis, Amber Wheeler, Rhory Boyd, Liam Smalley, Troy Todd, Ashley Reed, Keira Feeney, Annika Arney, Makayla Casarez, Caty Janicek, Trish Powell


Rabbit Winners

  1. Dale Mize
  2. Caitlin Plank
  3. Weston Schreur

Cavy Winners

  1. Caitlin Plank
  2. Madalyn Badgero
  3. Maddison Campbell

Upcoming Open Meeting

6/23/2019 12:30 P.M. Board of Directors, General meeting to follow in Classroom A.

MSU Pavilion, East Lansing, Mi

Upcoming Youth Meetings

To  be announced